The Quinteto Revolucionario, the sole Official Quintet of the Astor Piazzolla Foundation, faithfully preserves Astor Piazzolla's stylistic legacy in all its dimensions. Comprised of the most outstanding soloists in Contemporary Tango, the quintet exclusively performs the music of Astor Piazzolla.
The group also conducts research on the contributions of the soloists who accompanied Piazzolla. 

Delving into Piazzolla's musical history, the Quinteto Revolucionario reflects various stages: Classical Tango, New Tango, fusion with Jazz and Classical Music, works for singers, and includes material for quintets, philharmonic orchestras, as well as chamber orchestras.

In 2019, the group received the prestigious "Best Tango Album" award at the Latin Grammys for their album "Revolucionario". Their excellence continued to shine in 2021 when they garnered a nomination for the same category with their album "100 Años", at the Latin Grammys, a tribute commemorating the centenary of Astor Piazzolla's birth.
Among their notable achievements was various concerts they gave as part of the "100 Años/100 Years" centenary celebrations of Piazzola’s birth in Argentina.
One of the highlights was the Quintet's participating in the closing of the Piazzolla Centenary by invitation in March 2022. 
The concert took place at Luna Park in Buenos Aires which is an emblematic location where "Balada Para un Loco" was premiered. 
The event was with free admission and brought together about 10,000 people in addition to the online broadcast. 

The Quintet was invited to participate in the closing events of the Piazzolla Centenary, which included performances in Mar del Plata, Piazzolla's hometown, and at the Piazzolla Week at the Teatro Colón, convened by the Ministry of Culture of Argentina.  

Additionally, they took part in a joint television broadcast celebrating the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Argentina.
The band also performed at the grand ceremony at the Bucheon Arts Center in South Korea, marking the city's 50th anniversary celebrations, further solidifying their international presence and acclaim.

They will release their new album in mid-August 2024.
Quinteto Revolucionario is the sole musical ensemble officially endorsed by the Astor Piazzolla Foundation.
We have the authorization to use the foundation's photos and logo.
Here is the video introduction by Ms. Laura Escalada Piazzolla, the wife of Astor Piazzolla

Besides the quintet, the group collaborates with chamber and symphonic orchestras, as well as singers, for performances and can accommodate requests for collaboration.

The band offers two projects:


A concert celebrating the creative brilliance and stylistic legacy of the legendary musicians who gave life to Piazzolla’s work.

The Quinteto Revolucionario presents a captivating selection of compositions that encompass various facets of Piazzolla's artistry: traditional tango, avant-garde, electric-amplified pieces, and his late masterpieces, which are widely regarded as the most emblematic of his career.

Immerse yourself in a ninety-minute musical journey featuring acclaimed soloists who have received official recognition from the Astor Piazzolla Foundation and esteemed music critics as the foremost interpreters of Piazzolla's musical legacy worldwide.

From the First Quintet and The Angel Series to The Devil Series, The Seasons of Buenos Aires, The Camorras, and The Electric Phase, this concert brings together renowned compositions alongside lesser-known gems, offering a selection from some of the most transcendent popular music of the 20th century.  
A true celebration of Astor Piazzolla's extraordinary legacy.

The Quinteto Revolucionario stands as the quintessential embodiment of Astor Piazzolla's musical legacy. In this groundbreaking project, the quintet transcends its traditional boundaries to achieve a symphonic grandeur. The original compositions have been meticulously orchestrated by Cristian Zárate, the quintet's pianist, in a manner that faithfully captures the stylistic essence and musical codes of the great Argentine composer.

Within this symphonic endeavor, iconic pieces such as "Three Minutes with Reality," "Solitude," "Canto de Octubre," "Fugue and Mystery," "Romance of the Devil," "In 3x4," "Sadness of a Double A," "Vardarito," "Oblivion," "Libertango," and "Adiós Nonino" have been reimagined from their quintet origins to deliver a rich and immersive musical experience.

Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Switzerland and S. Korea

"El flamante Quinteto Revolucionario replican el formato favorito de Astor. Obviamente, no son los únicos que lo hacen; quizá sí los mejores."
"The new Quinteto Revolucionario replicate Astor's favourite format. Obviously, they are not the only ones who do it; maybe the best."
Caras y Caretas

"El Quinteto Revolucionario logró con "100 años" un disco que hasta el mismo Piazzolla se sorprendería por tanta calidad interpretativa y sensibilidad."
"The Quinteto Revolucionario achieved with "100 Años" an album that even Piazzolla himself would be surprised by such interpretive quality and sensitivity."
La Capital

"El tango en su máximo esplendor con el Quinteto Revolucionario"
"Tango at its best with the Revolutionary Quintet¨
El Ciudadano

“El Quinteto Revolucionario logró con "100 años" un disco que hasta el mismo Piazzolla se sorprendería por tanta calidad interpretativa y sensibilidad.”
"The Quinteto Revolucionario achieved with "100 Años" an album that even Piazzolla himself would be surprised by such interpretive quality and sensitivity."

“con un sonido que actualiza aquellas obras maestras al mismo tiempo que mantiene lo más profundo de su esencia.”
"with a sound that updates those masterpieces while maintaining the deepest of its essence."
Los Andes

“El tango en su máximo esplendor con el Quinteto Revolucionario”
"Tango at its best with the Quinteto Revolucionario"
Hertz Radio, Colombia


The multi-award-winning film "The Years of the Shark" can be shown to the audience during our performances with special permission.
Piazzolla: The Years of the Shark" is a groundbreaking film featuring previously unreleased footage and images from the Piazzolla family archives.
Additionally, an exhibition option is available.

ASTOR PIAZZOLLA (March 11, 1921 - July 4, 1992)
Astor Piazzolla, the celebrated Argentine tango composer, arranger, and bandoneón virtuoso, developed a style so distinctive and recognizable that few composers can match his individuality.

In the 1950s, Piazzolla's innovative approach in the 1950s revolutionized the genre, creating nuevo tango by blending influences from jazz and classical music.
He is also credited with elevating tango music from its origins in ballrooms to the prestigious concert stage.

Despite facing criticism, especially in Buenos Aires, the birthplace of tango, Piazzolla first found acceptance and acclaim in Europe, Japan, and North America, where his Tango Nuevo resonated with audiences.
Piazzolla's performances at prestigious venues and festivals not only introduced audiences to his distinctive nuevo tango sound but also established him as a pioneering figure in the realm of tango music and musical history.
Astor Piazzolla's impact on music transcends generations and extends far beyond his lifetime. As the most performed Argentine composer in the world, his lasting legacy that inspire musicians and resonates with audiences globally.
Today, his timeless compositions continue to captivate audiences worldwide, with his works frequently featured in concert halls and festivals, recorded and performed by countless musicians.


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