Her recordings hit the top 10 charts in Japan, itunes, e-music, to even receiving several Grammy nods for best Jazz and Latin jazz albums in 2008 and 2013.
She also designed a peace mural at the US Mexico Border.

Sacha sings in 13 languages, speaking five of these languages fluently and a few more proficiently.
Trained in classical music and Bel Canto Opera, yet at ease in the world of various genres including pop, jazz, and latin jazz with her 4,5 octave voice.
The artist was given 2 great honours Jazz Musician of the Year by the SoCal Jazz Society in 2016 and International Jazz Singer of the Year in London in 2017.

Sacha can present a programme of your preference such as:
*April in Paris
*Christmas in Paris
*Italian Songbook
*Sacha Sings Sinatra
*Sacha Sings Streisand
*Meet Me in LaLa Land – Jazz Themes from the Great Hollywood Movies
*Music is My Language
*The Great Ladies of Music
*Havana After Dark

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1PuKXBmVnyDWJEjXIsOY3y?si=Clvj1T3ZTJeOeg9B3QadKA

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