With over five million views on YouTube, her performances  of Philip Glass, Michael Nyman, Wim Mertens and others, are making Ms. Parlić a synonym for New Music.  

Since 1980s, she is devoted to promoting and performing the music of the French composer Erik Satie, as well as minimalist and post minimalist composers of the 20th and 21st centuries.

CLASSIC FM TV started broadcasting a video work titled “Chaos”, created by Charles Stewart, on the music of Erik Satie’s Gnossienne No.1, performed by Branka Parlić, and was also broadcasting a recording of her concert
performance of Philip Glass’ Metamorphosis No.2 since 2005.

In 2011, the awarded British television C Music TV started broadcasting videos of two Branka’s concert performances: Philip Glass’ Opening and Arvo Pärt’s Spiegel im Spiegel, the latter becoming a highlight videos of January and March 2011.

She received Silver Medal from Global Music Awards in 2020 for her album “Initiés 2017”.

Besides the solo piano and chamber music repertoire, Branka also performs music made for films, often performing live music with the broadcasting of original silent films, or with appropriate video works and visualizations.
These include the film Entr'acte (music Erik Satie, directed by René Clair) and film music by Michael Nyman, Philip Glass, Nino Rota. During 2011, she was performing a series of concerts dedicated to the Centenary of the birth of film music composer Nino Rota.

Branka Parlić acts as Artistic Director of the concert serial New Ears for New Music and is often holding lectures and seminars on New Music. 
Her concerts have a specific visual identity, with special attention paid to the light design and visualizations.
PAST PERFORMANCES: Austria, Croatia, Germany, France, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, and the UK.
..It seems that Branka Parlić - who devoted herself to this genre with ultimate dedication - has been awarded for building perfectly polished style during the years. She has succeed in what was the most difficult to achieve – to become artist, one of the rarest, who in every era acts with same distinguishing quality - kind of One-Man Army. Branka Parlić is One – Man Army herself and that’s impressive and impresses on all fronts.
Djordje Matić , Novosti, Zagreb/Croatia

...Unreserved suggestiveness of performance, unobtrusive and intelligent creativity and a high level of interpretative sensibility are only some distinctive pianistic qualities of Branka Parli
ć, one of the more prominent promoters of contemporary 20th and 21st century music in Eastern Europe.
Nuša Hauser, Voice of Istria/ Croatia 

... Branka Parlic plays these compositions (Satie, van Veen, Fitkin, Glass) with dedication and with excellent control of the rhythm. It was a beautiful rendition of the various works. Especially when Branka Parlic played Glass one could notice how much pleasure she has in playing works of this composer. When she played Mad Rush it was like being in a kind of a waterfall.
Herman van der Made
Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

... Branka Parli
ć enchanted the audience in Rovigno/Croatia.
Eleonora Brezovečki La voce del Popolo

...Therefore this was altogether one exceptional spiritual moment in which power of simple sense is overtaken by the tools of artistic delight. That’s why thrilled auditorium has focused all its essence in salutation to this delicately nourished artistic love without interest.
Festival Ring- Ring, Belgrade/Serbia
Zorica Kojić  Danas, Belgrade

... The outstanding pianist from Novi Sad made the formants palpable with taste and incomparable naturalness.

... These changes
between Branka Parlic and Amacord Quartet allow scintillate: with the earnestness of a musician, with sparks and tonal delicacy, with the result that two delightful encores were inevitable. 
Franz Zamazal ONachrichten, Linz/Austria

… Phillip Glass’s compositions for solo piano, Branka Parlic has played focused and restrained, rich in spectrum of sublime piano’s tone timbre and dynamic shades…
Borislav Hložan Dnevnik

… Parlic shows an exquisite touch in her interpretation of the piece, paying great attention to the varying dynamics and pace throughout. This approach enables her to produce a recording which is both heartfelt and academic in its precision. For many reasons it is an essential recording by an exceptional player.
All About Jazz

… Inspiring performance with a strong feeling that artist and instrument are inseparable. Piano is like one of her organs, physiologically and by her choice. Needless to say a word, just listen to.
Mileta Okiljević, Plastelin  

Recalled for an encore, Branka Parlic served up more dark chocolate with a caramel finish, in Satie's Gnossienne No4, and all too soon this exploration of the genre, was over.
Reviewed by Joe Coventry

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