Awarded with national and international prizes, he is recognized as one of the leading Tango dancers and choreographers of Argentina.
In 2006 he won the "First Prize" in the "World Tango Championship" in Japan.
In 2015 the New York Association of Entertainment Writers awarded him the "Latin Ace Awards” for his professional career.
In 2016, he changed the company name to "Marcos Ayala the Tango Company".
In the same year he was invited by the Artistic Director of the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires to take part in the “Bicentenary Celebrations” of Argentina, which took place outdoors with his company and was broadcasted live on television throughout the country.
In April 2023, he got invited to participate in a reality show “Tangomania” on Lithuanian television which is a program with a very high rating where he finished with the "First Prize".

So far he performed in 21 countries such as Argentina, Armenia, Belarus, Chile, China, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Qatar, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, Uruguay and the US.

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