Forget everything you thought you knew about balalaika!

Balalaika is not only the most recognised folk instruments of Russia, but also the symbol of Russian culture. 
Arkhipovsky hypnotizes listeners with his performance style. He manages to hold the entire world of music in this seemingly primitive instrument associated mostly with simple Russian traditional folk tunes.

Free from style and genre frames, Alexey Arkhipovsky’s concert is like a journey through different musical stories, different composers and styles. 
In his hands, the balalaika sounds like all the world’s string instruments combined into one with his unique sense of melody and harmony. You can hear jazz, classics, flamenco, Russian folk music, and many more at the same time.

Often compared with Paganini or Hendricks, world renowned balalaika player Alexey Arkhipovsky gave balalaika an opportunity to play in big music halls without changing the ancient instrument itself.  

Besides Russia, Alexey Arkhipovsky also played sold out concerts in various countries including Austria, Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, Estonia, France, Germany, Georgia, India, Italia, Latvia, Lithuania, Madagascar, Montenegro, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, UK and the US.

"Alexey Arkhipovsky is Paganini of the Russian balalaika!" 

"How did Alexey Arkhipovsky manage to hold the entire world of music in this seemingly primitive instrument associated mostly with simple Russian traditional folk tunes?!"

"In Alexey Arkhipovsky`s hands balalaika sounds like a harp, as harpsichord, as banjo, like, ultimately, all world string instruments!"

Alexey Arkhipovsky performs so amazingly that the program should have been closed after that. The world-class Virtuoso plays balalaika so perfectly that it’s beyond understanding… His 10- minute solo completely "closed" all shown up technical guitar tricks and his music was much more inventive "
Report from the festival commemorating the sixtieth anniversary of the firm FENDER (

"The balalaechnik Alexey Arkhipovsky became a sensation immediately after the first appearance in front of the general public. He practically wrecked the Guitar (!) festival where he played a 10-minute solo number showing incredible musical mastery. It was a real Theatre of inexpressible play and giddy performing numbers, MIME and gesture.
Many hearers compared Arkhipovsky no less than with great Jimmy Hendrix! "
Magazin «Audio Video»

“The sounds of three strings now brought on the audience the energy of the Niagara Falls, then soared like a quite crane over a lake surface, then seeped like honey from honeycombs in May.”
Magazin “America”


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